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Hide the Body is an intense, fast paced and unforgiving game of murder, mystery and love. Ok, maybe not so much the love.

With 20 levels, you must race against time to erase any evidence of a crime before the cops bust in and pin it on you. You must use various tools in order to succeed. Do you have what it takes to Hide the Body?

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
TagsLow-poly, Point & Click


Buy Now4.07€ EUR or more

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I absolutely love the build up with the music, AND my anxiety haha it goes soo wonderfully together when you're panic-clicking , and trying to scan the room at the same time! WHEW! The challenge is there! And I only played maybe 5-6 levels. I can't imagine the difficulty when getting to the end. This game really is loads of fun, with only one minor issue for me: you should only have to click an item once in the inventory to use it. Having to 'deselect, select' an item is such a waste of precious seconds, when it literally boils down to your precious seconds! Still a very fun and anxiety-driven experience!

Great work!

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The first level, after the deceptively slow paced tutorial, is 15 seconds. That's far too short for the amount of things necessary. Also, there is no indication what will or will not work on the bodies. Moving the mouse back to the tool bar and down to the scene is far too slow for changing tools, considering how often tool changes are necessary. Clicking off an item and them clicking on the new item is also too time consuming. If I use a tool on a part of the scene that is near my target, but the wrong thing, it clears my tool selection, forcing me to waste more time. I understand it's meant to create tension, but this is far too fast. There is barely enough time to handle the first body, camera, money before the cop comes in. Maybe some keystroke assignments for the tools, and don't force me to drop something before I can take the new thing. And don't clear my selection if I click the Blood with the Crowbar when I mean to click the Body.
The concept and the graphics are fun. I hope you make improvements.


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Great idea, unfortunately bad execution. The timer is far too fast, and if you miss even the smallest item then you're instantly guilty. Would be better if there was a "suspicion bar" with a 1-3 star system so you can pass but come back for a better score (I.E. a 3 star is all items cleaned, a 2 star is all items but fingerprints cleaned or accidentally no mask, a 1 star is missing something important but not inherently suspicious such as a bullet case or a single area of blood.) Someone else mentioned having a "Easy" "medium" or "hard" difficulty as well, which could have extended timers and could be better.

I couldn't get passed level 7, and there's like 20 levels. I hope the dev comes back to this concept, as it's the bones from "Hide the Porn" upgraded to be a really interesting complex mechanic and could be amazing, but for now it's just unbeatable (and not in a fun challenging way, I mean it feels broken kind of way.)  Should also be a way to control the pace of the text in the beginning, as it was WAYYY too slow.

Sometimes I like that.This Game is confusing me too.

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Timer is too fast for the "introductory levels." And you need to double-click the items to equip/unequip, which makes it confusing to do stuff. Sometimes the mouse clicks tend to be unresponsive.

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I wasn't able to get past the intro scene. The text takes way too long and the knocking sound is obnoxious and repetitive. I really don't think it's necessary to have that obnoxious noise go on for so long. Some different noises or none at all would go a long way, along with the ability to skip text.


i agree with other comments - timer is ridiculously quick, and despite multiple tries, I am unable to get even through the first "proper" level. Will you have any updates for us here? Different difficulty levels perhaps?


totally agree


I'm way too slow to play this game.

You were more patient than I'd be lmao.
I liked the idea of this game but I'm already slow enough as is. D:


Timer is way too fast to complete the levels. Uninstalled.


How do i launch the game? Do i need some application?

Thanks, I had a lot of fun with Hide the Body. What I thought about is the rating system for how well you do. Depending on the number of evidences you have managed to hide, the game could give you a three-star rank (think Overcooked). Obviously, with a certain number being the minimum to complete the level. Otherwise, it is indeed unforgiving and a little bit frustrating, as some of the other players have already written below.


Really like the concept! Too bad the timer is far too unforgiving to do anything. I think it needs balancing, because the idea is very cool and I'd like to have a chance to get into it.


Fast paced is the truth about this game. I really like it, but I can't go fast enough before the cops are breaking the door down. Looks great, seems like it'd be fun, but I guess its just not for me. BTW, does making the right move in some order extend the time I've got before I have to make the next move? If not, perhaps it needs to slow down a bit before the cops knock the door in on you


Those models have been used in Headliner: NoviNews. If you made them you might want to chase that up.


The developer of Headliner (Unbound Creations) is a solo-dev who works a lot with contract artists and pre-made assets from unity store etc. I'm pretty sure Hide the Body just happened to use the same asset pack.

Can you adda demo level (1 or 2 levels), so we can try the game and decide to buy it? It looks cool and I want to give it a chance, but I`m not 100% sure about it, so a DEMO would be helpful, thank you.

Same here, want to get a preview of the game as well! Even just a trailer for the gameplay would be nice too. :) 


Sorry, folks. Never got notified of your comments. Demo of the first 5 levels is up. Have fun! :)