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After an alien invasion that almost wiped out all of humanity, you take shelter in an old abandoned bunker along with your dog, Murphy. Years after the invasion with no contact, believing you may actually be the last man on Earth, you hear a voice over the radio.

My Last Friend is a short point and click adventure game with elements of Horror.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsadventure-game, Horror, Point & Click


Buy Now2.00€ EUR or more

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Unlocked the good ending where there are two dogs.

NNoooo! Such a tugger on the heart-strings! haha It's enough with the weird conspiratorial stuff that is happening at the facility, but now a curveball is thrown right when the story is wrapping up. I loved this experience! Having a PnC in a 2.5D environment, especially in this context, was super-intriguing. I'm curious, was the correlation of the Fallout game and your game intentional? Fallout-vibes were strong once you turned the music on, then walked into the room with the vault door with 'Dogmeat' aka Murphy by your side.

My suggestion: You're most likely very aware of this, but the AIs ability to smoothly walk to where you click was extremely difficult. Regardless, this was still a great experience!

Great work!

Avery interesting experience, and I truly enjoyed it in spite of a few bugs and the text speed which needs to be a bit faster. Loved the unexpected (and dreadful!) ending. Good job !

Hey this is a really good game. It does have some bugs, but I think with some TLC this could really turn into something great. I see lots of potential!


I made a series of this game. I got a little annoyed and frustrated in a few parts, but it was alright.


Another pretty enjoyable little experience, though it does seem to suffer from some of the same issues I had with The Concierge, namely regarding the text speed and a few spelling errors here and there. 

Again, the plot really needed some more meat to it in order to really stand out. I did like the concept, and the mechanic of switching between the dog and man was a neat idea. In practice however it was hampered somewhat by fairly clunky controls. Both characters frequently got stuck on objects or in one another's way. At one point I ended up accidentally charging into the dog so hard it went flying off screen, heh.


Saw this game on Gamejolt first, decided to give it a try. Apparently this dev is very experienced and knows what he's doing, I love finding gems like this in the sea of indie games that I go through every day. :P Dansodic is definitely a dev whose work I'll keep following.

(If you don't wanna spoil the ending, don't watch the last 5 minutes)

Awww thank you! :)


Hey, checked out your game a bit. I really enjoy what you did with it so far and I would like to share my video with you!

I really hope you enjoy! It's a really interesting game. Do the aliens become a little more advanced in the game? (Less standard looking in other words)

Hi Frosted Fricks, thanks for checking the game out! Really glad you're enjoying it so far. The behavior of the aliens actually gets explained somewhat through story but in terms of actual gameplay, they don't change that much. It's something I'd like to expand on in an update later with possible story ad on. Hope that helps and thanks again for checking it out, it's really appreciated :)

*Rurr* Hello everyone! I made a Let's Play for this game, and have my commentary and indepth thoughts and review for the game, it's in two parts. I'll leave my first part to the game here for people to find which gets into the start of the game - Had fun, any of my criticisms can be found in the video, hope people enjoy!

Hi Neco, thanks so much for checking out the game! I really enjoyed the video. Glad you had fun with it and your feedback is greatly appreciated :)