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Haunted by dark thoughts and tormented by the faces of past lovers, seek out the source of the darkness the holds you.

The Restless is a short point and click psychological horror game.

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TagsHorror, Pixel Art, Point & Click


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This game is soo amazing. Story is soo deep..


The game was amazing, I loved it

A fun and interesting little experience.  I had some trouble figuring out how to craft things, but that was just me being dumb.


I always love these type of games so ofc i loved this one very well done

Love the art style and sound design. Great game. Thank You!

really awesome game . what i really loved was the story and the graphics were good. you could have added much more interactable stuff or more mini horror stuff like a shadow in the bathtub it would have made the game more interesting. anyways the game was really good.

here's my first reaction:

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Good story
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Dark one

Good game!! No cheap jumpscares but shortt. Maybe you could do a lot more better to make us understand the storryyy but great job!

Soo many different women! WTH Dorian! I truly wish there was more to the story, and more to experience within the mind of Dorian. The game looked beautiful and was great all around! I especially like the crafting mechanic because I feel like I don't see that too much  in point-and-click style horror games that are similar to The Restless. My only suggestion: if you're gonna have interactive objects that display info or a message (oil paintings), implement a handful of different messages that'll appear randomly when clicked. Instead of each little oil painting repeating the same phrase. 

Great work!

good game due. it felt a bit short but overall i had fun playing it

I love the game it was fantastic and very heartfelt I highly recommend this game


Loved the game! The connection to Dorian Gray was immediately obvious to me and it just made me love it even more (We need more Gothic horror games people). The only con I have is that the dialogue takes a bit too long to disappear, sometimes when you click it vanishes but others it just lingers there. Some people might say that there were too little spooks but I enjoyed it a whole lot. 

This was really cool! A lot of mystery behind this game, and I feel like it's open to interpretation. I gave some thoughts about the game at the end of the video. Great job! 

I played through the game and actually uploaded my gameplay to my channel. For what you have here, it was incredibly well-made. The atmosphere and art-style are both very appealing to me. While the gameplay and puzzles were fairly simplistic in nature, they were enjoyable to play through and felt fair. I do wish that the story was explored further, it had me intrigued. I would love to see some form of follow-up to this. Thank you for this!


howdy, we're a channel that mostly play cool indie games, we loved yours and wanted to share it to as many people as possible. play it, folks, it's worth it!

Great Game Mr. Dan Kenny! The Story Is Not To Good For Me, But Nevertheless. Good Game :D

The twist caught me off guard, thought it would something else XD realized it was a Dorian Gray reference while editing, Great Game!!

It could have had a few more scares in it. But it was good

That was a nice experience! Could do some more jumpscares or threat-like moments but overall the atmosphere and the story were awesome! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers!

We get to discover Dorian's obsessions... He is what he is and will be forced to face his dark past at the end. Feels like a prologue to a series. Dorian definitely did something to all those girls... Really great game concept.


I had fun playing this game. I love this kind of games. Nice work, keep it up. 

I don't know why, but it reminds me of "Home" a lot. I like the background and atmosphere a lot and how it leaves hints as you get closer and closer to the end.

There are a few things I'll probably change with this game, namely that the inventory was not immediately noticeable due to how dark it was (or maybe my monitor is too dark?) and certain things were missed, once again due to how dark it was. But otherwise, this was a great atmospheric game, interesting graphics as well as story that got me yearning for more.

I really wanted to enjoy this but the game is kind of difficult to play for me...The dialogue takes so long to disappear and I got trapped in rooms unable to leave after clicking frantically for minutes. Technically, I had a very difficult time and got frustrated and gave up really quickly. :/

A really good game. Loved the retro look and atmosphere.

(Your game starts at 29:50)

An effective, creepy little tale!

There are occasions where I feel the game could use a little extra clarity - it took me ages to notice there even WAS a latch for instance, as it is incredibly tiny, and the lack of a verbal response when using a wrong iten in a game that has so few does more to confuse than lead - especially when the item seems like it should be capable of performing the intended task.

But these are very minor nitpicks. A spooky little tale is told here, in a cool environment, and I enjoyed it.


AMAZING! totaly loved it, great story, great art, great sound!

(1 edit) (+1)

Yea, text speed could be faster. Also couldn't find an item at one point and spent way too long searching all over for it. Ending deserves being talked about. Good game!


Need to add proper scaling, the game renders off my monitor making it impossible to pogress

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