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Cool Game.

Not bad I didnt realy understand the plot too well. However that may just be more me than anything elese. But still Love the black and white style.

Spoiler question: Is the rock in charge of the reapers, or is it just a means of converting people? Also, how/why did Thomas take it from the intruder when he showed up on the island? My current theory is that the whole thing was a scheme to get the rock into the hands of someone in the government.

A fun little game. We enjoye dit very much.


Another solid game.  Clicking when text is appearing should skip the animation, not the text.

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Short and fun.. Enjoyed it! The feeling of being alone on that island was depicted very nicely!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it!

You're welcome :)

Gotta say I really enjoyed the experience of playing this, the isolation  not knowing what was going on, very creepy indeed. good work.

Thank you for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed it!

Your Welcome